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the most interesting house on the block

Meet Teddy.

He recently started coming over in search of honey that bees have been thoughtfully storing behind the eaves. We weren’t able to find anybody who wanted to relocate the endangered species from their second floor habitat. So (for years) we ignored the fact that our house sounded like it was idling on the runway. Live and let live, etc. Until Teddy started peeping in the front window at night.

That was a wee bit unsettling.

Teddy’s appearance lit a fire under my butt and I found a professional — and his wife–who weren’t afraid of heights.

The beekeeper (whose day job is math professor) estimated that he collected 180 pounds of the stuff. (Which is a lot more than the average grocery carries.) And 100,000 bees. (Which is just gross.)

Teddy hasn’t been back in a couple weeks but look who is at the back door.


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