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good art

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

From impressionism to pointilism to my three-year-old grandboy’s stick figures with appendage-sprouting-heads, I love the outward expression of other peoples’ internal creativity.

An old friend and I once had a big argument, though, about whether or not an objective definition of good art exists. I said no. He said yes. We’d just been to the Van Gogh Museum and he used the exhibit as evidence of a quantifiable measure of talent. I refuted this by saying there were only two paintings in the whole building that I would want in my living room. Everything else was too bleak.

We ended up agreeing to disagree.

(He was wrong.)

Granted, I did doze through my one art appreciation class (dim lights and overheated auditorium resulted in large-group naps) but I do know what makes me happy.

And to me that’s as decent a definition of good art as any.

Here are some fun outside installations I get to see whenever I leave home.

The artist told me he arranges his garden sculptures to compensate for the brevity of spring blooms.

A stone hive.

A stone hedge.

A stone rise. Or an eyeball.

Outside art coming into my kitchen.

There is great art everywhere. And space for all of it. Except for clown art, of course. There’s no room for that.

ps Here’s one more.

Because why shouldn’t Happy Meal toys be framed?



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