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about me

erika raskin


Ever since I first started sketching stories I’ve been merging “write what you know” with “write what you worry about". (And trust me, the older one gets, the more of the latter there is.) I've been picking up plots, punchlines, and snippets of 'overheard' conversations forever, filling in the blanks along the way. Narratives and descriptions can come from anywhere--channel surfing, scary trips down rabbit holes on the web or even earnest conversations while driving carpool. Wherever the stories originate they tend to be cautionary tales. (Actually Allegiance, which is about fascism coming to America, is more of a car alarm.) Best Intentions is about medical malpractice — of the institutional variety. Close, concerns family therapy. On TV. (What could go wrong?) I’ve done non-fiction for print and radio, and am currently working on a novel-in-stories. I grew up in Washington, D.C., the daughter of a novelist and human rights activist. We lived in an old brick row house that was a hub of the women’s, civil rights and anti-war movements. There was an endless soundtrack of Motown, typewriter music and politics. My husband has been my boyfriend since I was a teenager. We have three children, grandoffspring and many siblings, nieces and nephews. When we all get together we turn touch football, gin rummy and ping-pong into blood sports.

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