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the importance of common pastimes

Updated: May 12, 2019

(and the flatscreen, too.)

I take television seriously. So does Keith. It’s a joint interest. We’ve worn out couches, scores of remotes and possibly our eyesight pursuing this shared hobby. We’ve done it on family vacations and while traveling cross country. It’s hard work and takes a lot of commitment but we both realize it’s important to do things together. So we keep at it.

(I’m sure there are some relationship “experts” out there who’d dismiss the legitimacy of TV watching as a Couples Activity — but they’d be wrong.)

Recently we’ve been on a tear, binge watching series after series of mysteries and crime shows from across the ocean. While sometimes the British accents are inconsiderately thick, we’ve soldiered on and even compiled a list of the best we’ve seen (thus far.) So, happy new year, pass the buttered popcorn, and consider the following to be sound marital advice from us. (We’re coming up on 35 years!)



Scott and Bailey

Jack Taylor

The Fall

Field of Blood


and Happy Valley.

ps Of course, if you haven’t watched The Wire yet (which is set in the U.S.) stop whatever you’re doing and get to work.

pps addendum! Harry– a NZ detective show. Quite excellent.


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