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period. new paragraph.

The mother of a good friend of mine says this when she’s changing subjects. Sometimes mid-sentence. I like it for life in general. I believe in changing your mind. And moving on.

Spending freshman year of college in a state that is so cold by November if you go outside with wet hair it freezes and breaks off?

Period. New paragraph.

Declare as a psych major and then learn you need to take statistics and lab classes that require actual PHYSICAL CONTACT with rats?

Period. New Paragraph.

In a graduate school program that you don’t like while also taking care of three kids under four?

Period. New paragraph.

Take said offspring to a pediatrician who makes you feel stupid?

Period. New paragraph.

Living in a planned community where you have to get permission to paint your front door and neighbors have long discussions about fescue?

Period. New paragraph.

Always wanted to write but got stuck trying to figure out how to get an MFA first?

Period. New paragraph.

ps Close comes out a month from today!


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