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old friends. an occupational hazard. and a couple of pieces of ear-candy for your Easter baskets.

Bruce, who Keith and I went to college with a little while ago, and Miriam came to visit from California last week and we got to play tour guide. We went up to Humpback Rock on the Blue Ridge, where from the top you can pretty much see the world. I know because I did it. Once.

On the way to the hike is a hotel that Stephen King might consider scouting. It’s perched on an overlook and has web reviews with headlines like “What the hell?” and “dear god” and “Did you see the movie, ‘Psycho?'”

I like pointing it out to house guests. Just because.

Photo: Amanda Maglione

Then we took them to The Lawn at UVa, which is the courtyard between the stunning buildings designed by Thomas Jefferson (or TJ as some of his intimates call him around here).

Fun fact about The Lawn–it’s an extreme honor to be invited to live in one of the original student rooms located between the two story Pavillions that housed professors in days of yore. Unlike the regular dorms, Lawn rooms require exterior bathroom jaunts. Tom Sawyer, much?

I’ve been recuperating from an injured rotator cuff — something that happened during very strenuous typing. It hurt a million times worse than when I broke my foot. An injury I didn’t even whine about once until the day I went out for frozen yogurt and the shop floor was wet and I slipped and I busted my toes that were poking out of the cast. The kicker (ha!) was that I was not given even one free topping for my troubles. Anyway, I went to physical therapy and was astounded by the magic performed on my shoulder.

Signing off with some audio art. Happy Spring!

The Water Lets You In

The Water Lets You In is the theme song from Bloodline, the Netflix series — which is Binge-worthy who-cares-about-the-gorgeous-weather good.


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