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Night of 2000 Cranes, A Congressional Race, My Poor Husband and…Another Party Guest!

Cousins in their recurring roles.

Eden and my new brother-in-law, Brandon, had a fabulous weekend of nuptials  — with family and friends coming from all over the world. Keith and I only had to drive down the road so it was perfect. (As long as the destination is Charlottesville, I love destination weddings.)

The beautiful chuppa was made by Tom Jenkins, Brandon’s dad.  The couple was married underneath it. Jamie — my and Eden’s brother — performed the ceremony. He used the opportunity to suggest that anyone at a loss over finding the perfect wedding gift could head over to where he claimed the newlyweds were registered.

(Oh, Jamie.)

Dancing beneath a canopy of cranes.

Four-million man-hours after Eden instituted her first bird-folding sweat shoppe, the flock of 2000 hand-made paper cranes took flight above the dance floor. They were every bit as stunning as little sister swore they would be during the mandatory folding parties she held throughout the year

Jamie hitting up his niece, Emily, for a donation. And Keith — before his Incident.

A week after the wedding Keith experienced a loss of vision in his left eye. We went to the ER at UVA (where he is, himself, gainfully employed). He was diagnosed with a detached retina and had to have emergency surgery. The operation was a breeze compared to the recuperation period: 10 days of chin to chest positioning to keep everything in place. A 21st century medical intervention that makes the application of leaches appealing. This has, as we say in the business, Seriously Sucked.

But then there’s this:

Maggie and Asa and …



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