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it's on.

Updated: May 11, 2019

Thos dark spots are bugs above the kitchen table.

After last year's infestation I used duct tape along the window casements. (Painter's tape would have been better in terms of the, you know, paint, but we didn't have any.)

Either way it wasn't successful.

They still got in, holding the doors open for each other.

It’s a toss up in terms of who I hate more — lady or stink bugs. The former bite (yeah, yeah I know they have a sweet reputation but they are MEAN GIRLS) and the latter's combo smell of diesel fuel, skunk and hot vacuums gets in your mouth.

They are both, as we say in our family, dis-goo-sting.

While the two breeds (species?) have cage matches all over the place, I just wish they'd finish each other off before I have to get out the Hoover and suck them up. The idea of removing a bag full of swarming vermin is just too gross to contemplate.

Wishing everyone a yummy Thanksgiving. :)


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