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Things you never want to hear from a professional exterminator:



“What is that?”


“That’s the biggest spider I’ve ever seen!”


Let me get a picture of that!”

The man’s reaction was both alarming and confusing. I hadn’t called him because of an 8-legged issue. I’d emergency-dialed the pest removal service because of a no-legged problem. Earlier this morning I was down in the basement and saw a snake skin hanging from the rafters. A very, very long snake skin.

You know, the basement INSIDE the house?

Scene of the crime before professional grabbed the snake skin and casually put it in his pocket (!)

The good news is that even though it looked like a copperhead to my (frantic) eyes, it actually belonged to a black snake. It was just a lighter color without its occupant. The exterminator (after taking his safari photos down by the ping-pong table) then used some spray foam to plug secret passageways around all the bathroom pipes.

The bathrooms upstairs.

Which reminds me of when we had a rat problem. But that’s another story.

In non vermin news…

Close comes out next week! And I got a really wonderful review from Midwest Book Review that said “…a relentlessly entertaining novel that holds the reader’s rapt attention from beginning until end…”

ps. My husband has also employed the word ‘relentless’ to describe me. But I’m not sure he meant it the same way.


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