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slip and bawl

Yesterday started off as a seriously crap day. I’d just made my favorite bowl of instant oatmeal (slash sugary soup) and was walking over to the kitchen table (which I also use as my desk ) when I tripped on something (invisible) and dumped two cups of hot runny cinnamon spice mixture INTO my keyboard (slash computer). I tried to tell myself that with patience and denial I’d be able to deal. I got paper towels and Q-tips.

Then the caps locked. And the space bar didn’t.

And I called the Apple store and explained, in roughly the same tone of voice I might use for a bone protruding from my ankle, what had happened. They basically told me to call an ambulance.

I flew across town.

The techies were able to save the hard drive (whatever that means) and the three novels housed inside. But the rest of the machine was toast.

Suffice it to say that I may have won the prize for spending the most money ever on a packet of instant cereal. My new computer is beautiful (with letters still on the keys) and no old meals between them. But I definitely learned my lesson.

I am so over oatmeal.


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