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photo dispatches from D.C.

I just spent almost a month in DC with my daughter Maggie, her husband Asa…and my new grandboy, Gray!

Here are sights from around their neighborhood:

Some of the neighbors who change ensembles for every major holiday. The pregnant Barbies (for Labor Day) were on point for the maternity visit.
More yard art of the anti-circus variety.
Weird? Not in Washington. Tons of people push their pooches rather than make them, you know, walk.
A bar that might want to rethink its advertising campaign.

And the pope’s visit…

This house wore its cross in anticipation.
and this mailbox took the day off.

Gray and I had our own parade in case we couldn’t see our hero in person…

But we did! That’s him! In his fiat. Maggie, Baby Gray and I got so close I was a little beside myself.

All in all, a pretty fabulous month.



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