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The Art of Unconventional Wit: A Masterclass in Humor (with an AI assist)

My website just asked if I'd like some help composing a blog post. It provided a menu of topics to choose from. As I am way behind in the book marketing department for Allegiance

(because promoting myself ranks right up there with colonoscopies and driver improvement courses)

I think:





I click yes and choose humor as a theme. Before getting started though, I find myself glancing around for Mrs. Goode, my 4th grade teacher. I don't want her to catch me sliding a pre-stamped laminated answer card up my sweater sleeve. The reading comprehension questions and the correct responses for the self-graded test (are supposed to) require separate trips to the honor box.


Here goes Wix's take on being comical:

AI: Are you tired of the same old jokes that are as dull as dishwater? Do you seek to elevate your humor game to a whole new level? Well, look no further, my fellow jesters, for today, we delve into the enchanting realm of unconventional wit!

Me: Whoa that is way too over the top. Also, you know, not funny.

AI: What is Unconventional Wit?

Unconventional wit is like humor's rebellious cousin. It's the kind of humor that catches you off guard, makes you do a double-take, and then erupt into laughter. Think of it as the unexpected twist in a tale, but in joke form.

Me: That's pretty good: Humor's rebellious cousin -- I like it! The bad guest at the slumber party!

AI: Embracing the Unexpected

In a world filled with predictable punchlines, unconventional wit dares to defy the norm. It thrives on surprise and delights in turning the mundane into the extraordinary. Imagine a rubber chicken crossing the road...not to get to the other side, but to start its stand-up comedy career!

Me: You had me until the rubber chicken thing.

AI: The Power of Incongruity

One key ingredient of unconventional wit is incongruity. This fancy word basically means putting together things that don't usually go hand in hand. Picture a penguin in a tuxedo, sipping a martini and discussing quantum physics. Now that's incongruity at its finest!

Me: Ummm

AI: Crafting Your Unconventional Humor Arsenal

To master the art of unconventional wit, one must be willing to think outside the joke box. Take a mundane situation and add a dash of absurdity. For example, "Why did the tomato turn red? Because it saw the salad dressing!"

Me: I think I heard that in Mrs. Goode's class.

AI: Let's Get Visual!

A picture is worth a thousand laughs, especially when it involves a penguin telling jokes in style!

Me: That's so annoying I don't think that even requires a response.

AI: Humor for the Brave

Unconventional wit is not for the faint of heart. It requires courage to push boundaries and venture into uncharted comedic territory. But fear not, for the laughter that follows is sweeter than honey and more infectious than a yawn in a crowded room.

Me: Agreed.

Closing Thoughts

So, dear readers, as you embark on your journey to master the art of unconventional wit, remember this: the best punchline is the one that catches you by surprise, tickles your funny bone, and leaves you wanting more. Embrace the absurd, revel in the unexpected, and above all, don't forget to laugh!

In conclusion, let's raise a toast to the misfits of humor, the rebels of wit, and the champions of unconventional comedy. Here's to embracing the weird, celebrating the wacky, and never shying away from being delightfully, unapologetically funny.

Now, go forth and spread the joy of unconventional wit like a ninja of humor, stealthily sneaking up on unsuspecting minds and leaving them in fits of laughter!

Me: How'd we do?

  • here's a link to Allegiance. Two birds with one stone and all.

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Jul 08

You told that AI! Good for you! 😂

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