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Pack That Steamer

Recent late night phone conversation about travel plans to a family wedding:

Sister: Hi

Brother A: Check this out--I was speaking to Brother B this morning. He told me his spouse asked him to return an airplane ticket for credit.

Sister: So?

Brother A: She wants him to do it at the airport.

Sister (Okay, me): Wait, what? She wants him to go to the airport and then cancel it online?

Brother A: Hang on, hang on! Let me conference them in.

Photo by Hugo Jehanne on Unsplash

Brother B: S'up?

Brother A: Put us on speaker.

Me: Is it true you're going to drive to the airport, find a parking place, take a shuttle bus, and stand in line to change a reservation?

Brother A: He decided against a travel agent for some reason.

Spouse of Brother B : I don't like any of you people.

Me: But, like, are you mad at him? I mean I keep picturing the traffic jam to Dulles and him finally getting up to the counter to ask for help using the internet.

Spouse of Brother B: I don't like any of you people.

Me: laughing so hard my own spouse silently appears from the bedroom to glare that I'm keeping him up. I pretend not to see.

More aspersions are cast at the Luddite. I need to hang up and do my inhaler.

Next morning my husband asks what was so funny. I try to tell him. Start wheezing again.

He immediately sends Savvy Traveler Tips to the group: Brother B, if you explain your mission to the security guard he'll give you a Very Special parking permit.

Brother A: I've decided to fly up and reserve our hotel rooms in person. Anybody else want me to handle theirs?

Husband: Don't be silly. We faxed our requests. The info's already in my Palm Pilot!

Brother A: Good deal. Don't forget to call the weather before packing! WE6-1212!



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