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heaven revisited

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

A member of a Young Adult Book Club put up a great review of an advance reader copy of Close  — and it makes me think I should include an addendum to my previous post, the one about what heaven is probably like.  I’d add the warmth of affirmation  that comes from completing a project (a painting, a novel, the dishes) that others appreciate.

(I know there are artists out there who would be just as happy creating something and keeping it forever under wraps. I’m not one of them.)

Question, though, on the flip side of nice reviews — does talking about the good ones obligate me to discuss the bad ones?

PS I’ve had a raging case of poison ivy. I went to the doctor. She fingered the vector.

Sullivan after a busy week of rubbing poison ivy juice on my face and neck every time he came inside.


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