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Eternal Resting Place(s)

Him: Do you want to have our ashes mixed?

Me: Oh! That's going to make me cry. Yes! In the pasture out back?

Him: Okay. And up on Humpback Rocks. And a little bit released into space on one of those memorial rockets.

Me: Wait, what? Hurtling indefinitely? Are you nuts? And hiking up Humpback gives me asthma!

Him: Well, we could divide them up.

Me: Like permanent separate vacations?


Him: Also, I think I'd like to have some sprinkled at Sputyn Divel.

(He rowed there in college.)

Him: And on UVA Grounds.

(He teaches at the med school there.)

Him: And on the Quad at Columbia--

Me: As a nod to after I transferred there, right?


Me: You know what? Just put mine in the couch.



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