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a little busy

I’ve been a tad delinquent in keeping up with my blog.

And the dishes.

But I do have an excuse. Well, two actually. After spending many hours hunched over my laptop, I finally sent in my Round 1 Fixes for my second novel (YAY!!!) The book was infinitely improved by my editor’s careful read and suggestions. A good editor can make all the difference. It’s like clothes shopping with a smart and honest friend.

(“That shirt would be better in a different shade.”

“Those pants fit great.”

“Are you freaking kidding?”)

Now I’m waiting on her next go-round of corrections and then we’re off to the races.

My second excuse is that I went up to Md to work on my brother Jamie’s primary for Congress–which he WON. The campaign was the most expensive congressional primary in American history. One of his opponents put in $12 million dollars of his own money to win (ahem) the seat — by carpet bombing constituents with commercials, mailers and illegally placed signs. Jamie (who was outspent by millions) stayed on the high road (he’s a better person than me) and didn’t engage in any retaliatory attack ads after the race went negative.

He just kept saying that public office is something that is earned not bought. (And if anybody has earned it, it’s Jamie. As a state senator he’s sponsored and helped pass progressive legislation including bills to end the death penalty, legalize gay marriage, ban assault weapons and get equal pay for women. He’s accessible to his constituents and people love him.)

This is a picture of me recording the moment when it looked like Jamie was going to win. If you look carefully you will see my severe sunburn, an injury sustained while I worked the polls, talking with voters about my sibling. Speaking of which, Jamie won both of the sites to which I was deployed.

(Just sayin.)

So those are my excuses. And I am going to be much more consistent about my blog.



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