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reading out loud

color me happy

I did my first book signing at the beautiful, cozy and art-filled Over the Moon Bookstore and Artisan Gallery in Crozet, Virginia last weekend. It was a fantastic evening in which I felt nothing but love and warmth while I read aloud in front of a packed room. Which is a big deal for me because when I do essays on the radio, Sandy Hausman the Charlottesville Bureau Chief at WVTF/Radio IQ, graciously leaves me alone in the recording studio so I don’t get stage fright and drool into the mic and get electrocuted. Which reminds me, I did have one little rough, Marco Rubio moment at the reading. Not long after I started, my tongue sprouted rows of suction cups, sticking to the roof of my mouth like one of those stuffed animals on car windows. I don’t know why I didn’t just stop, smile and take a sip but I plowed on without pausing, blindly groping for the bottle, unscrewing the cap and gulping without missing a syllable.

While everybody watched.

A friend said I made her so nervous she had to restrain herself from jumping up and pouring the liquid down my throat.

Otherwise it was truly one of the nicest nights of my life.

ps. I just learned that Close was named a USA Best Book Award Literary Fiction Finalist. How cool is that?


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