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news, post-oatmeal/apple cookie fiasco

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

After my computer’s deadly run-in with hot cereal I received word that fellow-Charlottesvillian, Kathy Erskine, had posted an author’s Q & A I did with her a while back…which was a really nice end to a really funky day.

Kathy, for those of you who don’t have a Young Adult/middle grade reader about, is the National Book Award winning author of Mockingbird. The novel is a compassionate telling of  how a girl with Asperger’s Syndrome deals with the incomprehensible fall-out from a school shooting. Kathy has a new YA book coming out this month called The Badger Knight. She is both a talented and sensitive story-teller.

I’ve been working with the editors at Harvard Square Editions, putting the final touches to the covers.

Reading over the blurbs, I’ve been struck again by the generosity shown to me by writers like Kathy. Alice Randall, New York Times best selling author of The Wind Done Gone (among other books) called Close a “page-turner of significance” (something I try and squeeze into most conversations and wouldn’t mind having on my tombstone). Janis Jaquith, a Public Radio commentator and author of Birdseed Cookies, said my book left her “breathless”.

Close also got a 5 Heart rating from Meg Nola at Foreword Reviews (!)

Off to buy household paint. It’s  something I do to clear my mind/palette. While taping off walls and windows is annoying, painting is one of my favorite activities. I don’t know why.


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