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it's out!

An interview I did with LitPick just got posted:

And then, this, too:

Here is my official debut announcement. Disregard if it already found its way into your email box. (And don’t be insulted if it it didn’t. My contact list is a mess.)

As of today, Close is available for purchase through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. And Indie bookstores!

Some people have asked (alright, it was just one person but it was a really good question) how to help authors spread the word about new releases. Here’s my twist:

1) Buy it 📷

2) Read it. Then write/copy your review on the book’s page on AmazonBarnes & NobleGoodReads and LibraryThing. In this new wild west of publishing — where the response to art has (finally!) been democratized — the reaction of Real People is critical. Rate the reviews of other readers, too. This gets figured into some cosmic algorithm. I think.

3) Ask if your local library and/or favorite bookstore carries it — or will.

4) Tell your virtual pals about the book. Check out the website 

Like/Follow the author’s Facebook page. Mine is Erika Raskin, Author, for instance. Invite your loved ones. If you’re on Twitter, follow the author. I have some very funny followers who post comical things so you’d be in great company @ErikaRaskin. (And if, you were to, I don’t know, mention me in your own tweet, that might be kind of excellent.) Likewise, one's book being tagged on the FB pages of other people is pretty much a grand-slam for new authors.

5) Recommend the novel to book clubs. And people in the grocery store. Consider designing tee shirts and sandwich boards.

And most importantly, please know that I’m so, so grateful for all of the support I’ve gotten — recently and over the long haul. Seriously. Thank you.


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