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go, dog, go!

I had my book signing event at Barnes and Noble this weekend which was a lot of fun.

The Dr. Seuss display was the backdrop so besides selling some of my own books I got to watch a lot of very short people add last minute must-haves to their Xmas/Hanukkah lists.

My friends Jon and Nancy stopped by to get a copy of Close, their adorable toddler in tow. She and I discussed the great American tome, Go, Dog, Go! (Seriously, I love that book. The illustration of the climactic party scene always makes me happy.) Anyway, the little one was familiar with the title from daycare — her parents hadn’t read it yet. Which was a funny reminder of what it’s like realizing that one’s offspring has his or her own thing going on.

Which then reminded me of this dog named Ursa who led a completely double life. Ursa lived in the basement apartment of my mother’s house in DC. When her owners would leave for work,  Mom would let Ursa up to spend the day with her. In secret. They kept each other company while Mom wrote, Monday thru Friday, 9-5. The clandestine relationship was deeply fulfilling for them both.

Life makes me smile.


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