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Single-mom Kik Marcheson is doing the best she can. But effort doesn't seem to count for much in the parenting department. Her oldest daughter, Doone, is swimming in the deep end of adolescence. Casey, the middle-child slash good-girl is fraying along the edges and Tess, an idiosyncratic kindergartner, has installed an imaginary playmate in the family abode.

When Doone falls in with the wrong crowd, Dr. Price, the TV therapist offers to help. Despite serious misgivings the family takes him up on it. And things do start to look up. But only for awhile.

Praise for Close:

"A crossover book like the Fault in Our Stars" - Judith Viorst, New York Times bestselling author

"Raskin easily balances humor and drama in this novel about parenting, reality TV, and family." - Five stars, Foreword Reviews

"Author Erika Raskin's ability to deftly blend humor and drama into a relentlessly entertaining novel that holds the reader's rapt attention from beginning to end without letup is truly impressive!" - Midwest Book Review 

"…a poignant and edgy story of a divorced-family dynamic through complex characters and the real life struggles of parenting and adolescence." - Five stars, LitPick Student Book Review 

"Close details the moving, wryly funny and ultimately fateful actions of a single mother trying to cope with raising three daughters."- Streetlight Magazine

"This book is all about relationships between people and knowing when to forgive and when to let go. It focuses on the theme of trust and what happens when that fragile trust is broken. CLOSE by Erika Raskin is a great read for any teenager and the characters are all extremely relatable." - Teen Board Member, Teenreads

"Erika Raskin's right-on-the-money observations and incisive prose pull you directly into the heart of this messy, endearing family. It's an accelerating story of entwined loved and dread, and it left me breathless." - Janis Jaquith, Commentator, Virginia Public Radio

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