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Listen to excerpt read by Erika Raskin

Arbitrary Press

It’s 2025 and America teeters on the brink of fascism. Natalie Morrow watches in alarm as her son Augie and daughter-in-law Nicole turn a blind eye to the encroaching signs of tyranny, clinging to a dangerous hope that things will somehow improve. Natalie can’t do this. She refuses to gamble with the safety of her grandchildren. Instead she makes an unfathomable decision: to flee to Canada and take Liam and Charli with her.


Embarking on this fraught mission, she’s fully aware of its ramifications but determined to shield the twins from a fate she believes awaits them in a country she still loves but no longer recognizes.


Meanwhile, her other son, Finn, has been MIA for months. A radio podcaster, he’s gone deep undercover to infiltrate a compound of radical White Nationalists, risking everything to expose their violent agenda.

As mother and sons’ paths converge and the stakes escalate, Allegiance becomes a pulse-pounding tale of resistance, sacrifice and the enduring power of family. Will Natalie and her grandchildren find sanctuary beyond America’s borders, away from the new regime, or will the fight for survival lead them deeper into the heart of the ongoing storm? And who, in the end, actually warrants our ultimate loyalty?

Advance Praise for Allegiance

“A fascist tyrant unleashes hatred and violence across the country. Neighbor turns on neighbor; families split into armed camps. In her chilling novel, Erika Raskin conjures an America careening toward chaos. Read it... and shudder.” 

Melissa Block, Longtime NPR correspondent and host


“A captivating and chilling read. Erika Raskin exposes what we should already know, cults masquerading as religions are ubiquitous, democracies can collapse with cult like leaders.”

Congresswoman Jackie Speier (Ret.), Survivor of the Jonestown massacre


“In this chilling, tense, ripped-from-the-headlines thriller, Erika Raskin portrays the lives of two individuals, a grandmother racing to protect her family and a podcaster going undercover to expose the terrifying threat. Emotionally engaging and masterfully paced, this alarming story feels all too real.”

Steve Weddle, Author of The County Line


“Erika Raskin’s Allegiance is a chilling novelistic rendering of the How It Started/ How it’s Going decline of American democracy. The gripping story of a young journalist who embeds himself with a violent hate group and his mother, who must take action as the frogs in pots begin to be her own, will haunt you; like jumping a bike over a flaming stack of headlines from the past decade. Allegiance is too on-the-nose to be dystopian fiction, and many of its most ugly plot twists and turns have already happened.”

Dahlia Lithwick, Senior legal correspondent Slate, New York Times bestselling author of Lady Justice

“Erika Raskin has given us a mythic and cautionary tale that depicts a future  she urges us to avoid by taking right action in the current moment. Grandmothers are at the center of precious few American political novels, that alone is a reason to recommend this rarity. But there is more.  Raskin [...]  has had and continues to have, a unique perch to view the changing rules and tone in Washington. Agree or don't agree with her politics, you will be amused by Raskin's prose, and you will think.”

Alice Randall, author of Rebel Yell

 “With empathy and precision, Erika Raskin gives us an America that we can recognize — and work to prevent.” Timothy Snyder, author of On Tyranny, Levin Professor of History, Yale University

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